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Germans in Canada Screening at Alpen Club

Mass Abedi’s Documentary was a Big Hit

Last night, Thursday, February 25th, 2016, approx. 6 pm, I attended the Film screening of “Germans in Canada” by Mass Abedi, of AbcoFilmCorp. This even was co-hosted by Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany Mr. Josef Beck together with The Consul General of Switzerland Mr. Urs Strausak and The Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Austria Mr. David Haber.

All 3 Consuls talked about their unique countries’ perspective, and Consul General Urs Strausak even introduced a new book “Swiss Immigration to Canada Achievements – Testimonies – Relations” written by Ilona Shulman Spaar. (can be ordered on Amazon: Available through AMAZON.CA

German Consul General
Consul General Josef Beck
Consul General Urs Strausak
Consul General of Switzerland, Urs Strausak
Betram Dierkes-Leifeld und Mass Abedi
Deputy Consul Bertram Dierkes-Leifeld & Filmmaker Mass Abedi
Austrian Consul
Mr David Haber serves in Vancouver as the Honorary Consul General, Republic of Austria

“The people of Europe are a vital part of Canadian history. In the past and the present, they formed and are still forming the country´s multicultural mosaic. But even though every ethnic group played their own important role in the formation of this unique society, there is one community, in addition to the English and French, that had an outstanding impact in Canada´s past: The Germans.

Whenever Europeans set foot on the North American continent, the German element was almost always represented. In Canadian history, however, it was essential. Whether with Cornwallis at Halifax, Simcoe at York or Helmcken in British Columbia, Germans were much more than merely popular as immigrants in Canada. They can be marked as a charter group within the Canadian history.”

“Germans in Canada” is an ambitious 48-minute documentary that sheds new light on a part of history in Canada that everybody presumes to know, but obviously does not. There are a lot more accomplishments of German origin than most Canadians would expect – a story that needs to be told.

General Manager Patrick Buehrmann
Newly promoted General Manager Patrick Buehrmann with Sabina Strnadl, assistant to the Consul General
Black Forest Cherry Cake
This was the massive Black Forest Cherry Cake brought in to please the crowd! Yum…
Dorf Musik with Karl Schindler
Karl Schindler entertained the crowd with the Vancouver Dorfmusik
Ahorn TV
Conversation One of the Stars of the Show talking with Mass Abedi and Consul General Josef Beck
Three Austrian children
Definitely some of the youngest guests by far!
Mass Abedi & Consul General Josef Beck
Filmmaker Mass Abedi with Consul General Josef Beck


Journalist, Consul General, Heinz Stuehlmueller
Journalist Gary Hsu, Consul General Josef Beck and Heinz Stuehlmueller, one of the “stars” of the show!
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