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Getting Going on Google

Part I

Some entrepreneurs are still stuck in the starting phase of trying to get their German business website and social media sites off the ground. Others have had them for years, but they are not ranking very high on Google. Yet this is what people want and need. I have been getting so many of these kinds of requests lately. How can I become more popular on the #1 search engine that most people use?

I decided that, as an experiment, I will try everything I would do for someone else on my own website to see if it helps.

1. For starters, I am now actively using Webmaster Tools. Webmaster Tools should help you with your task. If you are using more than one website, you will have to set them all up individually. I have 3 websites that I am building for myself and several websites that I have done for others. For each one, I am now working on:
a. Setting up Google Analytics
b. Setting up All Other Google Tools

Excuse me, while I set up my Author Link for Google. I didn’t even realize how important this was! It may take me a while to complete these tasks, so it may take a while to complete writing this post. I will get back to you tomorrow! Come back for Part II.

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