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Let’s Start with the Passive House!

By 2050, Vancouver plans to use 100% renewable energy.

  1.  Brett Sichel Design (Kelowna)

2.  BC Passive House (Pemberton)
Based in Pemberton, British Columbia, BC Passive House (BCPH), is a full service prefabrication company specializing in the design and construction of high performance panelized building systems, specialized structural panels (including CLT and NLT) hybrid systems, heavy timber packages and Passive House construction.

3. Passive House Instute (Vancouver)
The Canadian Passive House Institute (CanPHI) is a registered non-profit educational organization providing Canadians with the knowledge, tools and confidence to design and construct buildings meeting the world’s highest and most verified level of energy efficiency, the international Passive House Standard.

4.  Passive House Canada (Victoria)

Our Team

We were founded in 2013 as the Canadian Passive House Institute West, and became Passive House Canada | Maison Passive Canada in 2016 in response to demand from the building community to form a single national organization. We facilitate adoption of the Passive House Standard through our advocacy work, education program and nation-wide events.

5.  Marken Design & Consulting
Marken Design + Consulting – Who We Are
Marken Design + Consulting is a multidisciplinary, award winning building design and project consulting firm focusing on implementing progressive Green Building practices in North America. We are active in Passive House Design & Consulting, Green Building Design & Consulting and Project Consulting both in the private and public sector.  Furthermore, our GINE network (Green Innovations Network Europe) complements our Canadian partnerships by offering innovative green products, technologies and expertise from European market leaders in Green Building and Design.

6.  Cornerstone Architecture
Cornerstone Architecture has made the commitment to adopt Passive House Standard – currently we are the foremost firm in Canada designing PH-compliant multi-unit residential projects.

7.  Passivehouse International
A global network for Passive House knowledge working to promote the Passive House Standard worldwide (see Mission and values)

8.  Passive House E-Design
Natalie Leonard, P.Eng. – Certified Passive House Consultant
As one of the first Certified Passive House Consultants in Canada, Natalie is dedicated to promoting the Passive House Concept and creating cost effective, beautiful, super efficient home for the future.

9.  Berhardt Contracting
Bernhardt Contracting Ltd. is a high-performance multi-family and commercial builder. Founded in 2007, Bernhardt Contracting aims to create buildings that are sustainable and efficient by design. Our interest and expertise in high performance construction also allows us to renovate to the highest efficiency and environmental standards.

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