Hiring German Bread Baker and Pastry Chef

Sourdough light rye

Andy's German BakeryAndy’s German Bakehaus accepting applications! We are looking for a full time baker in our artisanal German bakery. Tasks: Dough mixing, dividing and sheeting, table work, supervision and training of baker helpers, oven operation, general production help in the fields artisan bread or pastries. Successful candidate must be highly reliable, self-motivated, meticulous, organized and experienced, forward-thinking, available for full time and permanent position. Assets: minimum 2 years experience, excellent communication skills, willing to work weekends and flexible hours, good health and physically fit (able to lift up to 60 lbs).� Desirable are special assets such as certified training in baking, knowledge of German breads and pastries.� Please drop off resume with two references in our bakery at 935 Commercial Drive in Vancouver, or send to andysbakery@gmail.com

Sven Becker, bought Andy’s German Bakehaus on Commercial Drive in September 2015.

Becker started his new career modestly enough six years ago, baking German-style cheesecakes in Bon Bon Bakery’s kitchen during their downtimes. He had just finished a research job at the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario and turned 40 years old. He turned down a post-doctoral position at the University of B.C. and decided to make a break for something new.
CheesecakeGerman baking is traditionally less sweet than most North American cakes. Becker made good cakes, and he soon found a modest market selling to little cafes, private customers and other bakeries. When Bon Bon closed while moving locations, he started renting the kitchen at Andy’s. Two years later, the owners offered him the business.

Friends encouraged him. Besides, Becker had romantic memories of his childhood in Germany. “Every village had its own bakery. When you’d go on Sunday morning and knock on the door, they would even bake something for you if you needed it.”

He took the plunge.

“I am the new pastry chef of this new business,” he said. “I don’t even look at the clock. I just go in there and follow my passions and make these pastries, cheesecakes and black forest.”

Black Forest Cake

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