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Willkommen!  Welcome!  Greuzi! Grüß Gott!

The Westcoast German News Blog, based in Vancouver, BC will inform, educate & entertain you by sharing some of the things that Austrian, Swiss & Germans on the west coast of Canada and the US are up to.  We offer information on events, community updates and opportunities to advertise on our site. If you need German news, want to learn more about German entertainment or want to be educated in matters related to Germans in western Canada, we are there for you.

Election Fever

Guess what?  There is an election coming up in October 20, 2018 and Elke Porter is one of the Independent Candidates running for City Hall in Vancouver. If you would like to make a financial donation to her campaign, as an Individual, you are able to give up to $1200, or any amount that you can afford!  Unfortunately these can’t be used as tax write-offs, but they are going to a good cause.  My slogan is “Clean, Green, with an Affordable Scene,”

Volunteer & Paid Positions

Elke Porter is a member of the German Canadian Business Association, the Heritage Plaza, the Vancouver Westside German School and the German Community on the west coast.  The German Canadian Heritage Plaza is the sponsor of the latest issue of “Das Schwarze Brett” and have expressed their official support in my running for office.

Past History

When Elke was first married, she moved to Australia for 5 years and worked in the German School, running a private preschool. She was also the founder of the “Deutsche Kinderschule Society” dedicated to starting a German Preschool in Vancouver. Although the Preschool never came to fruition, it was the launching board for her involvement in many areas of the German Community. You can read this blog post to learn a little something of her history: https://www.westcoastgermannews.com/retiring-after-4-years/

Big News for fans and readers of my blog/magazine!

Elke Porter has now opened up a page on patreon – https://www.patreon.com/westcoastgermannews

patreon into page

Westcoast German News also publishes “Das Schwarze Brett” magazine and the next issue will be coming in September 2018. Below is sample issue.  If you click on the link, it will take you to a platform called “MagCloud” that will let you order this magazine or others. You can read the .pdf file online free or order a print copy (plus shipping) for a fee.

Top Three Questions I get asked!

  1.  Where can I find a copy of “Das Schwarze Brett Magazine?”
    Answer:  https://www.magcloud.com/browse/search?q=schwarze%20brett
  2. Where can I find Germans in Vancouver?
    Answer:  https://www.facebook.com/germansinvancouver/
  3. How many readers are on the Westcoast German News Blog?
    Answer:  At least 100+, depending on whether there has been a blog post written recently


You are also welcome to contribute to the next issue or advertise.  The deadline is August 25, 2018.


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