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Grace C. Y. Lam from Hong Kong, Brisbane, and Vancouver

Hong Kong, China – Grace C.Y. Lam Womenswear label is releasing “Beethoven, a collection of hybrid evening ready-to-wear with fabric manipulations for Autumn/Winter 2016/2017.  It comprises of loose solid black silhouette with the use of rich fabrics, raw edges and hand embellishments to create a mood of stillness with hints of shimmers and quiet movement.

Her inspiration came from:

  • Gustav Klimt’s painting “Beethoven”, depicting the human naturals and desires, the struggle and desire to triumph over adverse forces.
  • The Jungian four stages story of psychological shadows “Appearances, Encounter, Merger and Assimilation”, and the
  • Brother Grimms dark tales and the famous “1812 Snow White”.

Beethoven by Grace C. Y. LamThe fresco painting “Beethoven”, a three-wall painting that depicts human naturals and desires, our being’s struggle and desire to triumph over adverse forces, such as sickness, madness, temptation, death, intemperance (lack of restraint and self-control), lasciviousness, wantonness (deliberate risking harm to others without provocation and total disregard of results).

GraceLam4The final piece of work leads viewers to the ideal place 0 where there is joy, happiness and love in its purest form; the choir of angels singing “Ode of Joy” illustrates this. The focus is on the beast Typhon and his three daughter, the Gorgons, each representing lost, lechery and intemperance.

GraceLam3Shadows are the psychological shadows derived from the Jungian four stages theory. The first stage is “Appearance” or a dream to see one’s state of mind.

BlondeModelThe second stage is “Encounter with the Shadows” – when we deny our natural human desires; egotism, mental laziness, schemes, plots and cowardliness.

IMG_8299The third stage is “Merger with the Shadows” – the shadow may take over one’s mind due to shock, confusion or indecision.

IMG_8301The fourth stage is the “Assimilation of the Shadows” – this is when we acknowledge the shadow within, but will not let it become a conscience being. This process is a life-long struggle of cleansing oneself of the filth to our minds; similar to washing one’s dirty laundry.

IMG_8306The most famous of all of Brother Grimm’s dark tales, which was first published in 1812 is “Snow White” The good queen is sewing one winter night by her window, when she pricks her fingers and one drop of blood falls on the window sill and into the snow. She wishes for a child as white as snow, as red as blood, and as black as the wood on the window sill. (Grimm 209)

Grace C. Y. Lam

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Instagram:  gracylam_official

Designer Profile

Grace CY Lam was born in Hong Kong and raised in Brisbane, Australia. She moved to Vancouver Canada for high school at Prince of Wales. She studied in Langara College for fine arts and later University of British Columbia in Fine Arts Majoring in Painting. She also obtained her diploma in Stage and special effect makeup from Blanche Macdonald Centre. She studied Law and received her diploma in legal studies from Hong Kong university; and was in her second year of LLB when she decided to make the leap to fashion design. She obtained her Bachelor in Design majoring in Fashion Design from Hong Kong Raffles International College of Design. She is also a proud mother of one little boy.

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