Interview with German Comedian Laura Ramoso

Laura Ramoso
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Vancouver, August 3, 2022 – Toronto-based comedian Laura Ramoso is best known for her relatable, satirical videos and award-winning live comedy special, diane (2019). In 2021, Laura began making short-form sketch and character videos for Instagram and TikTok as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to living all around the world and with a German & Italian background, Laura takes inspiration from the real world and uses it to make her audience laugh. She hopes to visit Vancouver in the fall, but in the meantime is hoping to continue making videos that appeal to a wide audience across Canada, US and Europe.

Interview with Laura Ramoso

1. Why did your parents move around so much and where was your favourite place?

My mom (retired now) was a Medical Officer for the World Health Organization, focusing on public health in developing countries and tuberculosis control. She kept getting stationed in different countries, which meant we would move every couple of years. I was born in Legnago, Italy, then shortly after we moved to Douala, Cameroon for 6 years, Baku, Azerbaijan for 3 years, Beijing, China for 5 years, and Hanoi, Vietnam for 3 years. I then graduated high school and moved to British Columbia for university. The different cities were all amazing in their own unique way, but I really enjoyed Hanoi. It was a wonderful place to finish up high school.

2. How many languages do you speak? Which language do you think in?

I speak English and Italian fluently, French a little bit less fluently, and my German would probably be described as conversational. I find that the language I think in changes based on the one I’m speaking. If I’m in Canada and constantly speaking in English, I tend to think in English too. If I’m in Italy and mostly speaking Italian, I start thinking in Italian as well.

3. What was it like moving to Canada and going to school in Victoria, the west coast?

I really wanted to move to Canada and experience a slice of North America, since I’d never been there before. Going to school in Victoria was a shot in the dark but it turned out to be the best! It was the perfect place and size to start fresh and plant some roots – not too overwhelming, but exciting enough. Aside from the gorgeous scenery and university program I attended, I got to meet my closest friends and eventually even my husband (score!). My first few years in BC were also instrumental in introducing me to the intricacies of North American story and joke-telling. I would consider it a crucial part of my comedic upbringing.

4. Was it a bit of a culture shock to live in Toronto?

To be honest, no. I was pretty used to moving around and by that point, I was ready to live in a big city with more going on. I was happy and satisfied that it lived up to my expectations. Mind you, it took me about 3-6 months to feel “settled”, but that’s quite normal.

5. Can you give our readers a summary of your first special “diane”

My first comedy hour, “Diane” (2019), satirized the characters in your life you kinda know but definitely hate and used polarizing genres and physical comedy to tell the story of Diane: a woman who had to embody many Dianes in order to figure out which one was ultimately right for her.

6. How do you come up with ideas for your TikTok Channel?

99% of my concepts come from real-world observations, big or small. I am inspired by the people I see and interact with in my day-to-day, or real-life situations and behaviours I find odd, charming, relatable etc. I then take that observation or truth, and exaggerate it to the point of satire. That is my favourite kind of comedy to write and perform. I keep a running note on my Notes app and I make sure to add to it throughout the day whenever I feel inspired.

7. What are some hobbies outside of comedy?

I love to play volleyball! I join an indoor league in the winters, and a beach league in the summers. I also enjoy watching good movies and going out with friends. Finally, and if this is weird to say so be it, I like to clean and do laundry – it brings me peace.

8. How has the pandemic impacted your career?

Where to start. At first, the pandemic completely derailed my career when theatres went dark. I had been strictly doing live comedy by that point, so it was really depressing to have suddenly lost that creative outlet. It felt like a major part of my identity had gone missing. In order to cope, I did what many did and started making online content. Little by little, I learned and grew and developed my comedic voice for Instagram and TikTok. Luckily, it seems to have worked out! Due to my online presence, I was able to quit my day-job and I now do comedy and content full-time. It’s pretty crazy how things turned out.

9. What are some future plans?

After my new special, FRANCES, opens on August 11th in Toronto, I plan to do a mini-tour through Montreal, Vancouver, and Victoria this fall. I am also working on a European tour for the summer of 2023. Other than that, just keep making videos!

10. Please let our readers know how to locate you online or any upcoming performances they might be interested in.

My new comedy special, FRANCES, runs from August 11-13, 8pm nightly, plus 10pm on August 12 at the Alumnae Theatre, 70 Berkeley St., in Toronto. Tickets:

You can find me on Instagram and TikTok at @lau_ramoso, or on my website

11. Bonus question: Are you ever planning to come to Vancouver?

Hopefully this October! Stay tuned!

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