Job Seekers Can Post at no charge

Free Resume Listings for Job Seekers

Westcoast German News, based in Vancouver, BC (Canada) is now encouraging German-speakers who are seeking employment to post their resumes, cover letters and optionally an updated photo on the new page created for Job Seekers that can be found here:

With CETA, Brexit, the US election and other life-changing world news, I have a feeling more and more people are seeing Canada as an oasis of peace and tranquility and are hoping to come here. Canada is a believer in all the freedoms of western Society, but also a defender and champion of human rights and those who seek a better life.

Westcoast German News is there to share stories about German people places or things on the west coast of Canada and the US and builds community; bringing Swiss, Austrians, Germans and Europeans together. If you are intrigued or motivated to come here, even if you are waiting for the ratification of CETA in 2017, now is the time to take action. Stay tuned for more information, which will be available soon.

Hint: the Canadian resume is usually about one or two pages long and just highlights your education & skills briefly.

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