Latest European News Mag!

We have just successfully published the first ever European News Magazine on the Magcloud platform (

It replaces “Das Schwarze Brett” magazine and is focussing more on business, success, PR and sales.

European News Magazine - Issue 1

By Elke Porter in European News

16 pages, published 1/16/2019

European News Magazine will focus on European people, places and events in Western Canada.

Here is a handy link to our “magazine platform (

What is the difference between “European News” and “Das Schwarze Brett”? The main difference is that the European News is a professional publication that focusses on Europeans in Western Canada and helping them thrive in business by sharing articles in promotions, public relations, digital marketing, as well as success stories to inspire readers. It will be part of a 3-pronged approach to marketing. 1. Is the new website with paid business listing & job listings, 2. The new Youtube Channel “elkepr”. and 3. The magazine with its many advertising opportunities.

What are the ad prices for the magazine in January 2019?

  1. Full page is $600
  2. 1/2 page is $300
  3. 1/3 page is $175
  4. 1/4 page is $125

You can also advertise on Westcoast German News, European News and if you want to have help with your Facebook or Instagram Advertising, it will be $2,000 a month – $1,000 is for me to manage your ads and $1,000 is for the ads themselves. Facebook is great, as they can bring you many targeted leads and potential sales.

I look forwarding to working from you. If you support me, then I can help support the building of a European Community in Western Canada that will support you!

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