Learning German Links

Westcoat German News will be featuring some new pages on their main menu. One of the newer pages is called “Learn German”, as there are a lot of adults and children looking for these resources in British Columbia.

Connecting to German Programs or German Tutors/Teachers

The two kinds of links are Affiliate Links or straight marketing links. Either way if you are hoping to learn German, you can just click on the link and it will take you to the page where you can sign up for a program or contact a tutor or teacher who will be able to help you learn German.

New Page on my Blog

For the official language German Schools in Metro Vancouver, you can also find some of them on my newly created Directory found here: https://www.westcoastgermannews.com/directory/

First Program to help you Learn German – italki

A great example of is a program called italki. Please click on the following link to be taken to their page: http://promos.italki.com/learnanylanguage-en/?ref=westcoastgerman&utm_source=westcoastgerman&utm_medium=partner&utm_campaign=kol&hl=en

The most EFFICIENT way to reach language fluency!- Speaking with humans is the best way to learn.- Practice conversational skills under different real-world scenarios.- Customized lessons that cater to students’ learning needs and interests- 1-on-1 lessons provide you undivided attention with teachers:

  • If it’s CONVENIENCE that you’re after…- Whether you’re at home, at the airport, or at your local park, you have complete access- Select the language you want at your preferred time. You’re in the driver’s seat!
  • The more AFFORDABLE option- More affordable than offline tutors – 30% of the cost.- More affordable than offline schools – a fraction of the cost. Schools can cost thousands of dollars, with less flexibility. Very limited 1-1 attention from teachers to address your particular language needs
  • More affordable than software – Rosetta Stone can cost $200 USD for a Beginner CD. Compare that to 20 hours with a live teacher at italki.
  • Your PERSONAL LESSONS- Experience language and culture from native speakers who know the real deal- Trying to conquer a test, ace an interview or simply looking to learn a new language? italki has professionally qualified teachers equipped with tools to help you achieve your language learning goals.- Unlike many other platforms, we have niche classes available such as learning business German, Swiss for travellers, or Austrian Dialect from Europe.

If you would like to share your German language program or service on this page, please contact me at admin (@) westcoastgermannews dot com (put it altogether, no spaces, all small letters and the dot is a “.”) or pay $50 via e-transfer, cheque or cash and place your listing here. Danke!

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