Local German Choir Member is Now an Author

Cora Schupp, AuthorWhen Cora Schupp started her “Masterpiece Floor Maintenance Ltd.” business in 1986, she never dreamed that it would someday lead to her writing a book. Yet in 2015, Schupp published her first work, entitled “Cleaning Up in a Dirty Business“, which references her experiences with the janitorial company she successfully founded and helped run for over twenty years. In 1995, Schupp also founded the “Janitor Room Supply House Ltd,” to ensure she and her clients had adequate, quality janitorial supplies on hand.

When both businesses were sold in 2005 Schupp began offering her accounting and bookkeeping skills to a variety of new clients, including Curve Communications Group Ltd, a PR and Marketing Company. Curve Communications decided to start publishing “How-to” eBooks through a new arm called “The Learning Curve Series”, and Schupp jumped at the chance to write about what it was like to run a successful company with over 100 employees.

Her ultimate goal is to inspire young adults and to give them the message that “

If you have a dream, you should follow it and not let insecurities hold you back.”

Cora’s parents were both from Germany and they had an enormous influence on her life. Lessons learned were concepts like “Being on time means being five minutes early”, “Let your yes mean yes” and “Work first, then play.” Schupp also likes to meet her deadlines, plan well ahead, be organized, precise and detail-oriented. She values cleanliness and still feels the best way to achieve this for her clients is “plenty of hot water and elbow grease.”

Another important value is finding that work-life balance, which is why Schupp sings in two different German choirs – The Concordia Choir in Vancouver and the Austrian Melody Choir in Richmond. Singing helps her to relax and take a break from her busy work-life and her life as an author, promoting her book.

“Cleaning up in a Dirty Business” is also available on her website or on Amazon. If your goal is to “make money fast by starting a janitorial company,” you won’t want to miss this. Read more on www.coraschupp.com or find it on Amazon: https://www.amazon.de/Cleaning-Up-Dirty-Business-Janitorial-ebook/dp/B00U34VLAG.

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