Markus Zugehör & Johanna Krumin Interview

Interview at the Vancouver Alpenclub on Wednesday, October 28th, 2015


Celebrating 50 years of friendship, the German Consulate General and the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs are pleased to present:

Johanna Krumin and Markus ZugehoerMarkus Zugehör (Piano)
Johanna Krumin (Soprano)

October 29, 2015 at 7:00 pm
Norman Rothstein Theatre
Jewish Community Centre
950 W41st Ave, Vancouver

All proceeds to be donated to the Louis Brier Home and Hospital and the German-Canadian Benevolent Society of BC

Markus Zugehör and Johanna KrummenInterview with Markus Zugehör

  1. How long have you played piano and where?

I started playing piano when I was six years old and enjoyed it. I was always willing to practice, even as a child. When I was 11, I started playing the French Horn. I achieved my Diploma at the Music School in Leipzig in 1995 and after this, studied piano in Leipzig and Paris. I have been playing for over 36 years now. My Grandmother also played piano, which inspired and encouraged me. I was always fascinated by voices, as my parents always had music playing at home.

  1.  What was your career highlight up until now? 

When I attended the International Opera Summer Program in Tel Aviv-Yafo In July 9th to 29th, 2015. After working 3 weeks with the young opera singers who attended the program we performed together and I extremely enjoyed this event because of its very special and intense atmosphere. It was this kind of rare concert where you feel an overwhelming excitement during the whole concert.

  1.   What is your Favourite City to Perform In?

I am somewhat of a nomad and love something about every city I visit and play in. Paris is one of the cities I enjoyed studying in, and Calcutta, where I played my first-ever concert, organized by the Goethe Institute, will always be special to me. And, of course, Vancouver is amazing. It is my first time in Canada, and my first time in Vancouver.

  1.  When did you hear about this concert on the 28th of October?

This concert has been in the planning stages since last year, but I was informed some time in January of 2015, after New Year’s.

  1.  Why is it important for you to participate?

It is important to participate in this concert, because it is a way of communicating without using words. It is a challenge, a privilege and a great honour. The occasion was meaningful, and provided an opportunity to put together a program, using suggestions from the German Consulate in Vancouver, that would communicate a very concrete message of connection and sharing and allow the audience to be brought together and inspired.

  1.  What are some goals you have for the near future?

After returning home from this trip, I plan to take it easy until the New Year. I am still working with a variety of voice students and helping them be the best they can achieve. I can’t say exactly how many students I have, as they tend to travel and show up on a random basis. For approx. 6 years, I have been working with various “body work methods”, such as Cranial/Sacral Therapy and the Continiuum Movement, and combining this with musical activities for my private students and master classes.

  1.  Where can I find out more about you or your Work?

I do not have a website or a Facebook Page, and have recently given up my handy (mobile phone). You can find my works on iTunes, Amazon and Wergo.

On StageConcert HallHanding out flowersStage


VIP RowInterview with Johanna Krumin

  1.  Why did you choose a career in singing?

I sang before I was even able to speak. and have always needed singing, like I need food and drink. I decided to study voice, as I couldn’t imagine doing anything else and wouldn’t have had time if I had any other career. I also love literature and the works of famous composers, such as Bach, Mozart, Schubert and see this as the best that we have to offer. My day is usually spent doing voice and muscle training, meditation, and studying music. I interpret and sing other peoples songs, but I have not composed original works.

  1.  What was it like performing at the Mongolian State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre in Ulan Bator?

During the era of the Soviets, the Mongolian State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre was constructed. I had an amazing 3-months there, funded by the government of Austria, where I was able to work with a team of Mongolian singers.

  1.  How often have you played with Markus Zugehör?

We met during an engagement in Gewandthaus in Leipzig, Germany, for the first time in 2002, and since then we have played together regularly. We also have a CD that we have released together.

  1.  Waren sie schon einmal in Vancouver?  Wenn ja, wie gefällt es ihnen hier und wenn nein, worüber haben sie sich am meisten gefreut einmal hier zu sein?

When I was a child, I remember visiting a relative in Toronto. I cried when I had to go back home and remember thinking: Some day I am going to move to Canada. As a child, my experiences in Canada deeply moved me. This is why I think it is neat that I could come here and play in this country, especially since I still haven’t moved here, as planned. I am really enjoying my time in Vancouver and look forward to some of the events that the German Consulate has set up for us while here: visits to the Vancouver Alpenclub to play skat, a trip to Steveston, a tour of the city with stops in Chinatown and Gastown, a trip to Whistler and the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish. Basically getting an insight on life on the west coast.

  1.  Why is it important to you to participate in this particular concert?

My parents often talked to me about the importance of the Holocaust. To me, Jewish Musicians were also part of our German Culture and I just couldn’t imagine one without the other. Composers, such as Felix Mendelssohn, Leonard Bernstein and Gustav Mahler, are worth their weight in gold. Their contributions provide both material to work with and inspiration.

  1.  What are some plans you may have for the future?

I never make plans for the future, but I do have a few exciting projects coming up in the New Year. There are some that will be particularly interesting and I look forward to new experiences.

  1.  Where can I buy your CD?

You can buy my music on iTunes, Amazon &


And this is really what it was all about:

Germany & Israel standing together:

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