Martin Kerner Introduces Algae as Energy

Bright Green AlgaeIn cooperation with Connex Innovations, Walas Concepts and Basic Design, Dudoc Vancouver will organize this event “Discover Urban Resources” from April 28 to May 1 2015. It will be all about sustainable innovations, Circular Economy and greening the city. The workshops will have an urban context and resources will be (re)covered in different ways (food, waste, people, money, economics, etc). Martin Kerner will talk about the use of algea as energy source.

From their website:

A façade can be far more than the aesthetic or energetic clothing of a building. Rather, façades will in the future be able to take on multifunctional tasks. Following this approach a bioreactor facade was developed which allows to produce biomass and heat from sunlight. Within the frame of the International Building exhibition worldwide for the first time such a bioreactor facade was implemented in Hamburg (Germany) at a residential building, called BIQ- Das Algenhaus.
To further improve functionality and thus economic viability the technology for coupling an anaerobic water treatment with a bioreactor façade was developed. By doing so, the nutrients and the CO2 released during water treatment are recycled in the bioreactor facade. In addition, biogas is produced during anaerobe water treatment.

Date and time
April 30 2015; 5.00 – 7.00 pm

100 – 1445 West Georgia Street

Ticket price
General admission: $ 14.50 plus tax
Students and members: $12.00 plus tax

Order your tickets here: Discover Urban Greens Talk by Martin Kerner

Here is a short glossary to explain some of the terms used:

1. A facade is the front of a building, especially an imposing or decorative one or any side of a building facing a public way or space and finished accordingly.

2. Bioreactor facade is: Microalgae are cultivated in the glass elements that make up its “bio skin”. These are used to produce energy, and can also control light and provide shade.

3. Biotechnology is expected to help meet the most urgent global challenges – growing and ageing populations, limited resources of raw materials, energy and water, the threat of global warming – by facilitating the development of a sustainable economy built on biobased industrial processes. On a global scale climate change is regarded as one of the most challenging issues to be addressed right now.

4. KBBE is Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy

Dudoc is a platform for sustainable Dutch companies to promote their business cases for sustainable development. It provides an opportunity for exceptional Dutch innovators to introduce their advanced environmental designs and products to the Canadian public. As such, it bridges the gap European expert knowledge and the Canadian consumers.

Our goal is to achieve a low carbon economy and resolve environmental challenges through international partnerships and cutting-edge solutions Located in downtown Vancouver, at the centre of its urban agglomeration, Dudoc brings together creative minds in order to reduce the environmental impact of urban and rural communities in an integrated manner.

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