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German Volunteers

The European Festival can have up to 30 countries participating. The countries involved are often part of a greater organization, such as a club, an association or a cultural centre. Germany does not have that support at this time. It depends wholly on German individuals to sign up.

Each country involved needs to have 2 volunteers at their cultural table, but can also offer some tasty traditional food in the food tent, can sell a European-related product in the Marketplace and showcase their culture through a traditional performance on either the main stage, or the smaller stage in the back.

The German contribution has been organized mainly by one single volunteer – Kecia Boecking from the St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church – on behalf of Germany. One volunteer is not enough, as the festival now takes place Saturday and Sunday and needs a day or two to set up, a day or two to take down and constant volunteers for the 24 hours that the cultural tent is around.

If you have time in the merry month of May to help with the project, or if you can attend monthly planning sessions, please contact me. I was a part of the festival team for years, but this year, my May has gotten busier due to a family wedding and busy children. I might be able to attend for a couple of hours, but not for all 24. Germany needs a lot of help.  This is also the 20th Festival, so it will be a milestone event.

Flag Holders for Germany 2014Ideally, there will be at least 8 to 10 volunteers Saturday and 8 to 10 volunteers Sunday. Each country is also supposed to provide two parking volunteers Saturday and two parking volunteers Sunday. This does not include actual festival volunteers, who look after the entrance gate, the will call, the first aid booth, the children’s tent, the flag parade and many other things included in the festival.

You can also leave a comment below, if you are interested in getting involved. The dates are the last Saturday in May (May 27/28) this year and the event takes place at the Swangard Stadium in Burnaby.

Website is:

f you are interested in any of the festival volunteer positions or have any questions, please email or

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