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Oktoberfest Edition 2015

Cover of September Edition of Westcoast German NewsWestcoast German News is back with an exciting September Edition starring Oktoberfest. We tried to include a little something from all of our states and provinces located on the west coast of Canada and the US. Alberta, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon & California.

This edition is the first one to have our new logo, that I have designed recently. Squares in the colour of the German Flag, with the initials W. G. N. inside of them. It is a simple design that hopefully gets the message across without being overwhelming.

There are always people who are supportive each month, but in this month, I particularly enjoyed hearing from people like Mike Anderson, who is from the OKTOBERFEST IN EL CAJON. (San Diego) You can read the press release and see photo in this edition.

We also introduce the new General Consulate Josef Beck, and we give you the list of German Schools, at least those found in British Columbia.  Next edition, I will include others.

Speaking of my next edition, I plan to focus on things like St. Martin (the annual lantern festival), Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day.  If you have any events, ads or stories I should know about that you want to share with my ever-growing audience, I would love to hear about it.

Otherwise, please visit and follow me there!  Share this magazine on your social media.  Send it to your family and friends, and best of all, order copies from MagCloud for your Oma or Tante.

This magazine will be available as a free download on our Digital Products page.  You can read it as a .pdf, print it out yourself at home, or order an actual magazine version on MagCloud for $5 + shipping.

Looking forward to connecting you to the German Community on this side of North America!

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