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Oktoberfest Poster


Oktoberfest Enterprises located at 6711 Woodwards Road, Richmond, BC is still selling Oktoberfest posters after all this time!  These posters can be ordered now in 2017 by calling the company at 604 277-4300.

They have been Organizers & Decor Suppliers for over 40 years!

Recently I found a booklet at home from the Oktoberfest held at the b.c. place stadium (sic) in 1985.  Back then, Hermann J. Riepl was the President of the “German Canadian Business And Professional Association of BC, which was found in 1961.  Hermann writes:

“We would like you to take some time out from the hectic way of life to celebrate with us a Thanksgiving as it is done “back home”. The Munich Oktoberfest this year is 175 years old, it is known the world over not only as a beer festival, but also as a thanksgiving at the end of a busy year.  We hope you will be able to join us and enjoy this weekend of fun at the BC Place Stadium, and if you like it, why don’t you make a note for next year’s great EXPO ’86 Oktoberfest.”

Wolfgang Christl, who was the Organizing Committee Chairman writes:

“I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our 1985 Oktoberfest celebrations.  This year commemorates our 13th Anniversary and our festival brings together people from all walks of life.

The true Spirit of Oktoberfest comes from enjoying the food, the fellowship and the Gemütlichkeit that prevails at our weekend festival. Enjoy it to the fullest in our marvellous B.C. Place Stadium and it’s just great to know that you have that “true wunderbar feelings”.

Harold L. Little, who was Manager of the 1985 Oktoberfest writes:

“A vote of thanks to all for their cooperation in ensuring the professional and competent execution of Vancouver Oktoberfest 1985.”

The entertainment at the time was Peps Ammer and his Band:

High spirits and Oompa are part and parcel of the Peps Ammer Bavarian Brass band being flown to the Vancouver Oktoberfest by Air Canada. The same eleven, fun-loving band members have been together since Peps Ammer first founded the group, and their contagious good spirits have infected audiences all over Europe and Africa.

Peps Ammer and his band, as you’ll find, do a lot more. At Oktoberfest you’ll dance to the folk music of Bavaria – polkas, waltzes and marches. But even the contemporary tunes come through with an unmistakeable Bavarian bounce! The up tempo music of the accordion and brass players coax the most reluctant and even unsuspecting feet onto the floor.  You’ll twirl, twist, hope and leap, and you’ll love every minutes of it.

The Oktoberfest Story

Since 1970 the German Canadian Business & Professional Association of BC puts an Oktoberfest on. First at the PNE Showmart Building and now at the BC Place Stadium.  Last year (1984) some 12,000 people enjoyed the hospitality at the “Harvest-Festial” of the Bavarians. The biggest “tent” in the world an Oktoberfest is held.

How did it all start? When 175 year ago, Crown Prince Ludwig married the Sachsen Princess Therese, it was suggested to celebrate it on the large meadow before the Sendlinger Tower.  Some 30,000 people came, while Munich had only about 40,000 inhabitants.  First a horse-race and later an Agricultural Fair was included.  Then came the places where fish and beer was sold.  Also the entertainment was added in 1818.  The Fair attracted some five million people in the last year, endings its 16 days always on the first Sunday in October.  Now you can enjoy it here in Vancouver too, where many sausage-makers, bakers, importers have added their products to the Fairs offerings.  This year (like in 1984) the only import beer comes from Dortmund, only large private brewery and a draft beer specialty for the Octoberfest is produced by Carling O’Keefe Breweries.

Please enjoy the good products available and have a pleasant time, and don’t forget next year we would like you at our EXPO ’86 Version of Oktoberfest, which could be even more days.



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