Oktoberfest Posters for Sale

Oktoberfest Enterprises, located at 6711 Woodwards Road in Richmond, BC has an assortment of new original “Bavarian & Anniversary Munich Oktoberfest” Roll Posters for sale.

They are $6.50 per item and are 24″ by 36″ or 2′ by 3′.

Oktoberfest Enterprises have been specialist Oktoberfest Event organizers and decor suppliers for the last 40 years!

In order to get your posters, please call 604 277-4300.

You need to pick up in person.

Oktoberfest Enterprises does not have a website or even a Facebook Page yet, and is still successfully providing items and specialty products directly from Germany!  See their advertisement here:

Oktoberfest Poster

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