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Karin Kunzo Artist in VancouverHello. My name is Karin Kunzo and I am a photographer living in Vancouver. I moved here from Berlin and I am currently finishing my Masters at Emily Carr University. I am working on a project that I would need some help with. I am searching for people that were born in Germany.

The idea is to combine a portrait with a yearly salary earned by that person. This is a social critique, commenting on the absurdity of not being able to discuss one’s salary that I have experienced while living in Germany. I would be most grateful for any help.

I focus on social critique. I make concepts with social impact. My models are always real people. I focus on building relationships with people, collaborate with them in order to convey something about our society.

You can see my project, Girl in the Mirror, where I work with women in public bathrooms, while they are looking at themselves in the mirror. This project deals with the themes of social pressures put on women to look beautiful.

The project would be shown in my university and may be published in a photography publication.

My website is:

From Her About Page:

Karin is a photographer and a photo editor, who is deeply interested in social structures.  Her work explores the way individuals fit in with the expected social norms of everyday situations.

Her projects often deal with themes of judgment, dissatisfaction, vulnerability and strive for perfection. Her projects often employ the stranger as the subject.

Karin finds her inspiration in empirical research and exploring one’s vulnerability by backpacking through the Australian outback, going on a silent meditation retreat or walking across Portugal.

Her work got published in several publications which include Le Journal de la Photographie, Dodho Magazine and LensCulture.

She currently lives and works in Vancouver, Canada. For inquires, please contact via email:



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