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Best German Team at the 17th Annual European Festival

Past Event – Presenting Germany at the 17th Annual European Festival!

Great Project Presenting Germany in Burnaby!

Elke Porter and Kecia Boecking are representing Germany at the 17th Annual European Festival on May 31st and June 1st, 2013. Germany & the Metis have both been chosen as the featured nations this year. We need people to come on board and join us in presenting the culture, food & drink and the technology of Germany. Culture includes language, customs, singing, dancing, games, soccer, holidays and celebrations. Food and drink include wine, beer, sausages, schnitzel, apple strudl and Blackforest Cherry Cake. Technology includes inventions, science, math, etc. We are hoping that people will want to be involved this year in large numbers. We can also focus somewhat on the Olympic Games and the World Cup.

Here are some ideas description for “Featured Germany”

Written by Elke Porter
February 18th, 2014

This year at the 17th Annual European Festival would like to present the modern face of Germany. The German Cultural Tent will have 3 tables each featuring one important aspect of German Culture in Canada.

The first table will present everything around “Learning German in Metro Vancouver”.  German Language Schools, German Tutors, German Teachers will be on hand to guide children and adults into the best programs to learn the German Language.  Information on everything from Baby-Drop-ins to University Level language courses can be found here.

The second table will have information on tourism.  When travelling to Germany what can I see? When is the best time to go?  What is the best way to get there?  We will describe Germany from North to South, as not every area is about the stereotypical  “Lederhosen” and “Dirndl” dresses.

The third table will be on science and innovation.  We would like to showcase some inventions, past and present that you may be surprised to learn.  Who is behind Adidas and Puma brand shoes?  Who came up with health, accident, old age and unemployment insurance law?  Who invented the record player, the fridge, the chip card or the airbag?  We will also have people be on hand to demonstrate some of the latest green inventions, such as the fuel cell battery or the passive house building technology.

At the same time, every hour we will be holding a 15-20 minute presentation of some kind.  We will hear some singing from the children in the German Community, we will show you how to make Black Forest Cherry Cake, we will inform you about the German-Canadian Business Association or teach you “basic German for travellers”.

Just for children, we are planning to have a race between remote-controlled “Mercedes”, “Porsches”, “Audis” or “BMW’s” to see who wins.  We will also have a PlayStation on hand with the FIFA World Soccer Game that will allow you to play on the German Team.  We are working on a few other surprises that mean you may have to attend the event to learn more about these.

We look forward to meeting you all and showing you some of the best that Germany has to offer right in the Swangard Stadium in Burnaby.

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