Promoting your German Business in Vancouver

Bayern Soccer ShirtLet us say that you are importing a product from Austria, Germany or Switzerland to Vancouver, BC and would like to promote this to your target audience. Your target audience can be Canadians that immigrated here from Europe, Europeans that are here on a temporary basis, or just anyone who enjoys high quality German products.

What are some things that you can do reach this elusive, niche audience? Advertise, but where? Post on blogs, but which ones? Join organizations, committees and groups, but whose? Hopefully this list will get you started:

Here are four ways to advertise through Westcoast German News
1. Place an ad on Westcoast German News website – $60
2. Place an ad in the Westcoast German News Digital Magazine – $150 to $250 for a monthly issue (due at the end of November 0 just in time for Christmas!)
3. Place a blog interview on my Westcoast German News Blog ( (free)
4. Send me an article how you got started importing products for my Digital Magazine (free)

Here are two ways to advertise through AhornTV
1. Place an ad on the website
2. Place an ad on the weekly AhornTV Show

Advertising through the German Canadian Business Association
1. Join for $280 a year (pro-rated)
2. Once you are a member, you can fill in your profile and place something on the website free!

Join the Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce
1. Join for $140 a year
2. Attend monthly networking events

Two events to get a booth:
1. Vancouver Christmas Market (opens November 22nd)
2. European Festival (

Become a Member of the German Business Vancouver Networking Group

Get involved with Bauhaus, a new German-Austrian Restaurant opening in Gastown:

If you have tried any of these ideas, you could leave us a comment, or if you have any ideas, please leave a comment. We look forwarding to hearing from you!

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