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European News - Issue 4

By Elke Porter in European News

20 pages, published 7/6/2019

European News helps Europeans in Western Canada promote themselves, as well as their products/services/events. We also inform, educate and entertain our readers who are interested in what Europeans in Canada are up to.

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Table of Contents include a story about the VdU, about Haarlem in Amsterdam, Oktoberfest in Australia, a successful Schnitzel truck in Kelowna, Trade Commissioner Service, a young transatlantic leadership program, Else Ury who wrote the Nexthäkchen series, 4 German schools in Metro Vancouver, some past events, EUFA coming in 2020, doob (3d), Ai hits its stride in Vancouver, follicular lymphoma (cancer), silly jokes, and more.

The next issue will be coming out September 15, which gives you all lots of time to send in your ads, your press releases, your photos or events. Let’s get connected! This is the place to get public relations for your business! Full page ad is only $600! Contact Elke:

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