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Nation's Warriors

Robert Holler is half German and half from a First Nation. Here is his story:

My Father was born in Friedberg Germany in 1934, and he moved to Kanada in 1960 where he met my mother, a Native woman from the Bear clan, Ojibway Nation, i was born April 20th, 1966 in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

My beating German heart coupled with my first Nation’s skin colour has been somewhat of an anomaly for me; I always felt i was too brown for Germany and too German for First Nations as per my work ethic and driven nature.

Learning to combine both cultures inside me has been a life long journey. Coupled with a series of learning experiences, i have always embraced my German Culture, but it has only been the last 6 years that development of both cultures existing together has been a formula for moving forward.

Nations WarriorsAs a result I returned to Schooling at a Nature College, got elected Chief of Student council, formed a basketball and foods program. After college I kept the basketball program going and started a non-profit society called Nations Warriors Wellness Society right here in Vancouver, utilizing the strengths of both cultures to co-exist together. Citing both the German and Native Nations are tribal by nature and can work together in harmony to create magnificent opportunities in the community.

Please contact Robert Holler
Nations Warriors Basketball Manager
+1 778 554 2929

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Thunderbird – $1500
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