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Rockin’ the Pub Night with the German Business Association!

Pub Nights

Three wheat beersTuesday, April 28th, 2015 will be the next Pub Night, organized by the German Canadian Business Association. It usually starts around 6 pm, although people trickle in at 7 pm or even 8 pm, depending on their office hours. Pub Nights can suit every schedule. Either people eat at home and just have a drink, or they arrive later and eat when the Pub Night has dwindled to just a few people. The usual location is down at Stamps Landing at the Pub called “Mahoney & Sons.”

You can spend as little as $3 on a non-alcoholic beverage, or as much as $30 on a complete meal with drinks. The best news is that this is a great way to “try before you buy” (membership, that is) if you are considering joining the German Canadian Business Association in Vancouver. The membership fee is $280 for a year, and this is pro-rated, if you join in the middle of the financial year. The AGM is usually held in April.

Pub Nights can be a challenge for shy people or newcomers, so here are a few tricks to make you more comfortable:
1. Arrive early, so you can get a good seat where you are facing the door.
2. Bring lots of business cards to share with anyone who comes up and talk to you.
3. Sit next to people that are outgoing and fun and spend the time listening to them
4. Bring a friend that you know well, who can stand beside you and offer you courage.
5. Bring some small items to give-away – this will make you popular right away!

Of course, you also want to do the “typical” networking activities – try to learn everyone’s name, listen to what other people have to say, ensure you have circulated around the room and then always follow up any promises you have made with phone calls, e-mails or texts.

Hope to see you there on Tuesday!

German Canadian Business Association

The goal of the German Canadian Business Association is to create an environment where members can connect and socialize. Thereby, this community helps to actively promote and foster professional and social relationships and to contribute to the enhancement of our European heritage. We talked to several members of the Association, and they told us how they came to be members and what the community means to them.

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