Schuhplattler Group Has Come Home!

Recently there has been some new and exhilarating news bustling in the Vancouver Alpen Club.  We are proud to announce that the Schuhplattler dance group has come home!

The Vancouver Alpen Club has been without a Schuhplattler group since 1993 and now several experienced Schuhplattler dancers have united to form the club’s newest under-group, called the “Alpen Plattlers”.

March 2016 Schuhplattler Group
Schuhplattle is a traditional style of folk dancing popular in the Alpine regions of Bavaria and Tyrol.  The male dancers stomp and strike the soles of their shoes (Schuhe), thighs and knees with their hands held flat (platt); hence the name Schuhplattler.  The females twirl and show off their petticoats, adding a colourful finesse.  Often each dance tells a story.  Some are of the origin such as the Allgauer (Allgau region) or imitate various professions such as the “Holzhacker”  (lumberjacks) or the “Muehlradl” (millers dance), Bergknappen (miners), while others are courting dances.

The Alpen Plattlers have extensive experience having dedicated a number of decades to the art of Schuhplattling.

Our goal is to maintain our culture through camaraderie and “Gemutlichkeit”.  We perform regularly for Oktoberfest, birthdays, weddings and corporate functions throughout the year taking us around our province and into the USA.

Three Austrian childrenWe also have a “Kindergruppe” for those who wish to introduce their children to their German cultural roots.  This group currently consists of seven little Schuhplattlers from the ages of 6 to 12.

Please join us for practice and fun every Wednesday evening in the main hall of the Vancouver Alpen Club located at 4875 Victoria Drive, Vancouver (corner of 33rd Ave).

Contact: Steven Seewald

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Cell: 604 723 1766

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