SEO and the Google Spider

Search Engine Optimization Help with Google Spider

In order for Google to keep their index up-to-date, they send out a spider to do their work for them.  These spiders crawl around from one website to another, especially favouring newer websites that have a higher PageRank, or that have more links leading to them from legitimate websites, or that have newer updated content, such as found on a blog.  Your goal as a website owner is to increase the “crawl frequency” of this Google Spider by carefully scattering the correct bait throughout your website.

The crawl process is algorithmic, and the computer program Google uses to determine which sites to crawl more often can change often.  They do not accept payment to crawl a site more frequently, but encourage users to implement other methods to attract the Spider.

Google has a useful page for Webmasters that can be found here, but I am just going to list a few tips myself.

1.  Build a Sitemap and ensure it is on your site.

2.  Tell everyone – friends, family, acquaintances, business contacts, clients or target audience – about your new website and business goals.

3.  The Google crawler does not recognize text contained in images – write out the words somewhere else on your site or consider using the ALT attribute to include a description.

4.  Not every search engine spider will crawl dynamic pages, so think twice before using them

5.  Think about the words that your potential clients would use to find your pages and make sure that your site includes these words frequently, but not too frequently; the copy should make sense.

6.  Work on what makes your service/product unique, valuable or engaging.  What problem are you trying to solve?

7.  If you need help creating or updating search engine optimization on your business website, please contact me at 604 828 8788.  With just a couple of hours a week, I can help keep your site Spider-friendly and Spam-free.  I can also set up social media sites for you, update them weekly and then put a link on your website, to help your content be the kind that attracts the right audience.

Think YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Meetup etc.

I think I will be working on my Sitemap now!  Have a productive week!


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