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My Name is Robert Holler, Manager of the Nations Warriors Basketball Team and Executive Director of our recently established not-for-profit society.  We are currently in an epoch of our Basketball and community growth which, over the last 4 years, has expanded rapidly into interpersonal relations and traditional ceremonial development, and in creating a new team of junior players. There has been a special alchemy as we evolve from being First Nations Basketball teams – to making a difference in our relations within our First Nations community. Our expanded efforts are enhancing the strengths of our youth through teachings of Indigenous identity, ceremonial practices and healthy living skills. Our teams having embraced these teachings, has led to stronger teams, family and community relations.

The building of our youth programs is a cornerstone of our society. We are so proud of our Warriors junior boys team finishing 3rd at their first tournament in Kelowna, BC in March 2017! and they, along with our junior girls team, being tournament teams, have been invited to play in a tournament on Vancouver Island October 13-16, 2017, and other tournaments in 2017, towards training and qualifying for the All Native Tournament taking place in February 2018. As well, our senior mens team, having played at Kitsfest August 18 to 20, 2017 https://kitsfest.com/ have now been invited to play in a tournament in Mexico in May 2018 with The Canada One Foundation, with all operations being run from the up and coming Ceremony House which is in the process of being formed.

Exciting times for our junior girls and boys and senior mens teams!, we are sourcing grants for these events, while exploring other funding opportunities to cover: travel, meals, equipment, uniforms, community and social events. Including enlisting the juniors involvement in the process, towards teaching self-sustainability, a most promising recipe for their continued success. We are hopeful you will enhance our efforts by joining the momentum to continue building these positive successes for our youth and young adults. Our initial efforts being to supply, transport and accommodate the juniors at their upcoming tournament in October 2017, ultimately this will lead to expansion from the sport itself, into arts, and cultural knowledge. If you wish to be involved and learn more about the successful growth that has taken place so far on a sponsorship level, please refer to the attached sponsorship package. With all of our recent achievements, we are looking forward to an eventful and successful 2017, and a brighter future for everyone involved.

Robert Holler – Nations Warriors Basketball
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