Student & CPABC Discounts for November 25

Dancer Seasons

CPABC members and students can receive 20% off tickets to the November 25, 2017 performance at the Centre for Performing Arts in Vancouver by using discount code: FAMDISC. Tickets can be ordered online through Ticketmaster (

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From their website:

Wendy Yau Sum Cheung’s childhood dream when she first saw Phantom of the Opera, was to one day produce her own Broadway style musical.  Rod Chow’s childhood dream when he first saw a lavish magic production show in Las Vegas with his parents, was to one day star in his own. Today both Wendy and Rod’s dreams have come true as they prepare to open their original production: SEASONS – A Magical Musical at the Centre in Vancouver for the Performing Arts on November 25, 2017.

This live musical will feature the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra, under the conductorship of world class maestro, Kenneth Hsieh.  The spectacular full original symphonic score was entirely composed by the award winning Wendy Yau Sum Cheung. Wendy herself will be featured on the concert grand piano to engage, captivate, and mesmerize the audience scene by scene with her masterful, flowing, and memorably melodic style.

The dramatic storyline takes the audience on an epic journey of a young girl growing up with her love for music, and the joys and turbulences she experiences through her various stages of life. The audience sees this all unfold through the expression of sensual choreographed contemporary dance, stunning magic and illusions by Rod Chow, an emotional and inspiring storyline, and song and acting, by a full cast of dancers and actors.

A chance encounter with a magician becomes the turning point in the life of our central character. She and the once mighty wizard take on new beginnings as they progress through the Seasons of Life together…from the Spring re-discovering of magic and wonder, to the Summer enjoying and being amazed by their illusions and creations, to the Fall fine tuning of the magic they know and becoming an expert at sharing this with others, and finally to the Winter celebrating of their astonishments and the joys of life.

This dramatic, inspirational, and heart-warming full stage magical musical theatrical production was created for the entire family to enjoy.

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