Three Reasons to Join the German Canadian Business Association!

Why should you join the Association?

Board of the German Canadian Chamber of CommerceThe German Canadian Business Association, which began in 1963, started out as an Association for men only. Twenty years ago, women arrived on the scene and proved that they are just as capable of leadership and success. Today, our President Beatrice Schreiber, is a woman who is not only successful, but is also involved in some way in most aspects of the German Community in Vancouver. Besides her, there are 3 men and 3 women on Board and the Association is quite evenly balanced because of it.

When talking to people why they are not joining the German Canadian Business Association, I often hear people say: “I am so successful, I don’t need an Association.” or “It is too much money to join.” Here are three reasons why everyone in the German Community who run their own business, should join the Association:

1. All entrepreneurs and business owners are on a spectrum and all can benefit from membership in an Association in some way. Start-ups and “just launched” can benefit from meeting a variety of experienced professional business leaders who will give them advice and show them the way, while those who are already established can benefit from sharing information and mentoring those who still need help.

2. You are keeping the German Heritage Alive – It seems that all of our German institutions and cultural organizations are fighting to stay alive. Churches, charities, clubs and chambers are all left with a small amount of members or closing down completely. The members that are left are now in their 80’s and 90’s and funerals are held on a regular basis. They now need young people (and by young, you would count even if you are in your fifties!) to step in and fill the spots left by those who are no longer around. Yes, this may mean change, but that would be ok, as well.

Adding social media, websites, online newsletters, blogs, instagram accounts etc. are now necessary to stay alive. But the essence of the heritage could be preserved for our children and their children. We may take these things for granted and not miss them until they are gone – perhaps forever. Joining the German Canadian Business Association is one great way to keep culture and connect with community.

3. Finally, if one person from each business, or club or community organizations join, we could have a synergy that would help and benefit everyone. The most annoying thing is when you see two prominent German organizations that hold events on the same night – perhaps because they didn’t know about the other groups event. Or when you see two groups trying to achieve the exact same thing, almost competing with one another. Or the attitude: “We don’t need you. We can make it on our own.” Instead of supporting and promoting our German charities, churches and clubs to our younger generation and making room for them to join and grow them their way.

So, if you have any reason why you don’t want to be a member of the organization, I would encourage you to share this with the Board of directors or in the comments section and let’s see if there is any way we can work with you to help solve any challenges you may have. Then join the Association and make it the biggest in Canada, which will not only help your bottom line, but also offer a win-win solution to those who want to have success in Canada, as well as preserving the heritage that provided a platform for us to launch ourselves here.

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