Top Five German Apps

Are you an Expatriate from Germany, Austria or Switzerland?

Tiny app iconHere are some apps you might find useful:

1. German TV – Free – (49.6 Megabites)
How they describe it: Genießen Sie Fernsehen Shows, Nachrichten, Filme, Comedy-Clips oder YouTube-Kanäle und hören Sie Radio und HOT Musik Ihrer Wahl.

I recently downloaded this and am quite enjoying the news section

2. YouTV (10.85 MB)
How they describe it: Endlich Fernsehen, wie Du es willst: mit YouTV® wird es Wirklichkeit. Mit Deinem persönlichen Cloud-Rekorder zeichnest Du alle Sendungen, aller Sender rund um die Uhr auf.

I just received information that this app exists and have now had a chance to purchase it yet.  Let me know if you decide to use it.

3. Auswärtiges Amt – Auslandsvertretungen weltweit – (29.3 MB)
Sie ist das mobile Einstiegstor zu den neuesten Informationen und dem multimedialen Angebot unserer weltweit über 230 Auslandsvertretungen. Außerdem finden Sie hier Kontaktdaten und Öffnungszeiten der Auslandsvertretungen sowie alle Pressemeldungen des Auswärtigen Amts in Berlin.

This is great for anyone who wants information about their local German Consulate.  Many newcomers to town who are trying to market a German event, service or product will contact the German Consulate before anyone else.  There are often neat events listed that can be found nowhere else.

4. For Younger Ones – Learn German by Mindsnacks – (40.2 MB)
Now you can learn to speak and read German while playing games on the go. Featuring 9 addictive games designed to teach essential vocabulary & conversation skills, MindSnacks’ German app is perfect for adults, kids, students and anyone hoping to visit Berlin, tour the German countryside or just cozy up to the language.

This is the only app on this list that costs something ($4,99 US) yet it looks like so much fun.  As a teacher of children in German School, I would love to try this with my students.

5. BUNDESLIGA Official App –
The Bundesliga App is the official mobile APP of the Bundesliga.
It is the essential Bundesliga companion, tailor-made for international fans giving them the opportunity to experience the excitement of the league first-hand. ((21.9 MB))

This will be the app I download next.  Since I take so many photos, I usually find that I do not have many MB left for anything else. But I will just have to be diligent about uploading my photos to my computer and emptying them off my phone.  UEFA – the Union of European Football Associations – (the governing body of European football) is having their Euro 2016 in France “Le Rendez-Vous” –

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