Tour the Applied Research Lab at BCIT – Press Invited!

GCBA at the BCIT Make+ Research Lab

This event is by Invitation Only!
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Press Release

Tour the Applied Research Lab at BCIT

Burnaby, BC, October 18, 2016: Tuesday, October 18th at 5:30 pm, the doors of the BCIT Centre for Research & Innovation will open their doors to allow the press to get to mingle with VIP’s, the staff and members of the German Business Community over some light refreshments, followed by a tour of the Make+ Applied Research Group at 4355 Mathissi Place in Burnaby, BC.

The opening address will be given by the Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. Josef Beck. The welcome will be given by BCIT’s new VIP Academic Dr. Tom Roemer.

Over the years the MAKE+ initiative has hosted many German and French graduate students who conducted their project work in this unique setting. Everyone is welcome to meet this eclectic group and tour their impressive prototyping facilities, which include state-of-the art-3D printers.

Using a model similar to Germany’s very successful Fraunhofer Institutes, the full-time interdisciplinary team creates synergies between engineers, designers and technicians to solve real word problems and grow the BC economy. Their user-centred design approach has helped clients such as Rostrum Medical Innovations, Claris Healthcare and Purdy’s Chocolates develop innovative products and refine manufacturing processes.

The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) is a comprehensive applied training and research facility with activities stretching from industrial trades to science, business and engineering. Under the banner of MAKE+, BCIT carries out applied research producing tangible outcomes in the Health and Manufacturing sectors.

The German Canadian Business Association establishes, maintains and conducts a business and professional association for the accommodation, recreation and convenience of the members of the Association and promotes their cultural, business and professional interests. They also further good relations amongst the German-speaking population of Canada and between it and the public at large.


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