Udo Erasmus Interview

  1. Tell us something about your background and your connection to Europe.  Do you ever visit to get ideas or to keep in touch?

Udo Erasmus in ArizonaMy parents, of mostly German origin, left Latvia before the communists went there, and were given land in Poland by Germany. I was born in 1942 on a stolen farm. We fled at the end of the war, with communists chasing us, and allies shooting at us from planes overhead. This war experience triggered a life-long interest in better ways to live. To that end, I studied basic sciences, life sciences, psychology, and self-knowledge.

  1. What is “Udo’s Oil” and what kind of process did you take to discover it?

In 1980, pesticides poisoned me, and medicine had no treatment for it. So I used my educational background for self-help. When I found out how much damage is done to oils, our most sensitive nutrients, by sloppy processing, I decided that I could not get healthy on such oils, and that they should be made with health in mind. So I developed a protective, careful method for making healthy oils. Out of that method came commercially available flax seed oil in 1986, and Udo’s Oil Blend in 1994.

  1. What was your relationship to the “Father of Canada’s Natural Health Movement”, Siegfried Gursche?

Siegfried Gursche was one of my mentors into the Natural Health arena, and published my book: FATS THAT HEAL FATS THAT KILL, in which I outlined the major issues concerning oils and their effects on health. He encouraged me and many other people to learn and to promote healthy living.

  1. Tell us about your latest book and what new facts we can learn?

My latest book is not out yet. I am working on a global project, which will include many books on different topics. The foundation of my thinking and writing is based on the fact that

  • 8 billion people could live their lives lit up from within (the light of life is already in us; we just need to look into it instead of looking away from it).

Based on feeling taken care of by living in touch with that light of life within us,

  • 8 billion people could live in harmony together, and
  • 8 billion people’s need for air, water, food, shelter, and clothing could be met (we have more than enough resources to do so)

We don’t share what we don’t need because, not feeling taken care of (because we don’t look into the light of life), we feel that by giving to others the excess that we have, we would feel even less taken care of. So we hoard what we don’t need.

  1. What can todays cook do to get started with healthy oils?

We have to understand that the single most destructive habit we have ever invented regarding food preparation is to ‘cook’ them in oils. Until about 100 years ago, foods were mostly cooked in water. We need to go back to that habit, and add good oils made with health in mind to our foods after they come off the heat. That way, we get,

  1. Undamaged oils that are good for health
  2. Undamaged food molecules
  3. Enhanced flavours
  4. Improved absorption of oil-soluble nutrients that are good for health

Aside from being toxic, the burned part of foods also tastes bitter, acrid, scratchy, and disgusting (if we make a point of actually tasting it).

  1. If you would go out to a restaurant, which ones do you visit personally, if any at all.

Travelling a lot, I eat in restaurants a lot. It’s not so much which restaurant to choose, but which foods to choose. We can’t go wrong on salads. We can’t go wrong on vegetables. We can’t go wrong on whole foods. And we can’t go wrong on organic foods.

People sometimes say: ‘I didn’t claw my way up to the top of the food chain in order to then eat vegetables’. That may be true, but you’d be healthier and would live longer if you did.

  1. Are there any other things you would like my readers to know about healthy living – any favourite websites or blogs – besides yours.
    1. Champagne (or Proseco, or the Spanish version) is healthier than wine.
    2. Walking and talking are better than watching TV.
    3. Laughing beats complaining.
    4. Silence is important to balance the noise we live in.

www.nutritionfacts.org is a good blog for health information.
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