Vancouver Municipal Politics Update

Vancouver View from Burrard Street

Dear Friends and Family that live in the City of Vancouver,

I’ve recently joined a new municipal party that offers a local, community-focused option for the Vancouver elections next October.

TEAM for a Livable Vancouver is all about thoughtful, well-developed policies that place our neighbourhoods – residents, businesses, and organizations – at the centre of civic decision-making.

The party was formed by people from a diversity of backgrounds and affiliations, all concerned about the current direction of our city. We’re looking for new members who share our concerns about:

  • Prioritizing affordable housing over the city’s rampant rezoning practices that inflate property prices. 
  •  Addressing climate change with sustainable, practical solutions that work for residents as well as businesses.
  • Fixing the existing budget process that treats residents like the city’s ATM.
  • Making city business transparent so residents can play a meaningful role in planning decisions.

You can read a full list of TEAM’s policy directions at

Our success depends on a groundswell of support from like-minded people with similar concerns – from every neighbourhood, from all corners of the city. I hope you’ll be among them.

I’m sending you this note because I think this is something you’d want to be a part of, and would want to share with others. Check out the website and tell me what you think!

Thanks and happy holidays!

Colleen Hardwick

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