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German Cultural Centre Idea

There is no German town in Vancouver, BC! German-related businesses are just small islands in a larger sea. But I have a dream to start a German Community Centre/Library/Museum/Gourmet Bakery somewhere in Metro Vancouver one day. We just need that “friendly German billionaire” who likes the idea of supporting this project. Let’s pretend we have a German Cultural Hall known as the “German Haus” right in Vancouver.

FRIENDS OF the German Haus (my imaginary cultural centre)

Close your eyes  and imagine – Whether you are interested in taking a class in our language school, participate in one of our events throughout the year, support our community outreach, attend the museum, gallery and library, or simply want to show the pride in German heritage and culture, our Friends of the German Haus benefit program has lot of perks:

  • Free monthly Open Haus Stammtisch event
  • Free movie events
  • Free museum access
  • Free parking during off-business hours
  • Discount on German language classes (coming soon)
  • Discount on rentals of our Skyline Lounge and Ballroom
  • Discount on Kulturküche cooking classes
  • Discount on concerts and special events
  • Discount on flights to Germany (coming soon)
  • Invitation to exclusive member-only events
  • Early-bird access to events with a guaranteed sell-out

Possible Architecture for New German Cultural Centre

Swiss practice Herzog & de Meuron have released revised plans for the Museum of the 20th Century project in Berlin‘s Cultural Forum. Designed to house the extensive National Gallery on 20th century art collection, the project was made in partnership with the Berlin State Museums and the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation. Herzog & de Meuron originally won the competition to design the museum building in 2016, and the revised design features new plans and a facade that opens the building to the outside.

The reason I posted it here, is because I like this idea of having a German Cultural Centre/Museum/Library/Cafe that looks like this, with some inside spaces dedicated to modern and historical German spaces.  Maybe a German bar with a hut inside, along with an indoor picnic space, as well as an outdoor space.  The challenge with this design is the rooftop beer garden, but maybe it could still work with some revision.

Imagine if this was our German Cultural Centre!


Population Demographics

The population of Vancouver is 46.2% European Canadian. Those of English, Irish and Scottish origins were historically the largest ethnic group in Vancouver, and this is still visible in areas like Kerrisdale and South Granville. Germans are the second-largest European group, followed by the Chinese, who are the largest visible ethnic group. Ethnic neighborhoods in Vancouver include Chinatown, Little Italy, Greektown and Punjabi Market.

German Language Rationale

German is among the ten most-spoken languages worldwide, one of the working languages of the United Nations, and an official language of the European Community. The study of German is intended for all learners and offers lifelong enjoyment and a broad range of career opportunities. Learning German also enhances the learning of first and additional languages. It fosters the appreciation of traditional and contemporary cultures and positive attitudes toward cultural diversity and commonality.


The government’s tourism marketing agency, Destination BC, works with tourism stakeholders throughout the province to market British Columbia as a world-class tourist destination.

Increases for 2017 include:
Australia – up 20.4%
Germany – up 15.4%
Mexico – up 12.9%
China – up 7.1%
France – up 5.7%
Japan – up 5.1%
South Korea – up 3%
United States (excluding same-day visitors) – up 1.9%
United Kingdom – up 0.2%
Asia/Pacific – up 6.4%
Europe – up 3.4%

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