Victor Ullman’s Legacy October 16th, 17th, 18th!

Cornet: Viktor Ullmann’s Legacy from Theresienstadt

Oct 16: 8PM Historic Theatre, The Cultch
Oct 17: 8PM VSO School, Pyatt Hall
Oct 18: 3PM Roedde House Museum, by invitation

Michael Lahr, opening lecture, Dan Franklin Smith, piano, Gregorij von Leïtis, recitation
Viktor Ullmann’s Piano Sonata No. 6, and Cornet (piano and recitation)
Tickets $30/$20

Victor Ullman'sBACKGROUND: Cornet is the last composition that Ullmann was able to finish in Theresienstadt before he was deported to Auschwitz on October 16, 1944. He and his wife, Elisabeth, were killed there two days later. His music was rescued by a friend who survived the camps. Ullmann chose to set twelve excerpts from The Lay of Love and Death of Cornet Christoph Rilke by Rainer Maria Rilke to music, a haunting tale of a young soldier who experiences love and death in a single night. Ullmann’s composition features the rare combination of recitation and piano. Cornet provides the title for the concert and is preceded by an opening lecture and Ullmann’s Piano Sonata No. 6, Op. 49, written in Theresienstadt in 1943.

“While it isn’t possible to rewrite history, this project functions as a kind of musical “rescue mission,” bringing recognition to a brilliant composer whose work was nearly lost to us. His story and his music allow us to make a more personal connection to a time that is almost too overwhelming to contemplate. This connection is essential as it helps us not only mourn but learn,” says producer Catherine Laub.
The adamant will to live, the unshakable hope that good will prevail no matter how horrible the attempt to crush it-this is the message of Ullmann’s music from Theresienstadt. Elysium offers Ullmann’s music as a powerful symbol of hope. More info >

Songs of War and Remembrance
November 8: 3PM Roedde House Museum
William George, tenor, Corey Hamm, piano
Music by Gurney, Ives and Weill, plus songs from Les Miserables and popular songs of World War II.
Tickets $15/$12

Elysium- Between Two Continents
Fostering artistic and creative dialogue and mutual friendship between the United States of America and Europe. Fighting against discrimination, racism and antisemitism by means of art.

Since the middle of the 1990’s, Elysium has presented and performed Viktor Ullmann’s music from Theresienstadt in more than forty cities throughout Europe and the United States. Elysium was the first and (at that time) only organization in New York which dedicated all its efforts to the presentation of music by composers who were banned, silenced, or persecuted by the Nazis. The many concerts and musical-literary collages presenting works of mostly forgotten artists–works Elysium had found in archives in the US and Europe–had a trailblazing effect. Other organizations and individuals soon followed in Elysium’s footsteps. Some of these composers, who were unknown a few years ago, are now regularly featured in concert and onstage around the world.

We proudly welcome the artists of Elysium to Canada for the first time, and we trust that it will not be the last.

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