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Legacy Project & Cultural Centre Concept

German Cultural CentreSeeking those “friendly German, Swiss or Austrian Millionaires” who are interested in sponsoring a German Cultural Centre and Grounds in the city of Vancouver, BC.

As it is one of the most expensive cities, real-estate wise, we most probably are talking about a $20,000,000 to $50,000,000 project.

Even if you personally are not able to support and sponsor this project, you most likely know at least a few people who would be able to.

This project would bring together:
a. Swiss, German & Austrian Choirs
b. German School – Full-time day school & part-time School; Evening School for adults wishing to learn German
c. Art Gallery featuring Germana, Swiss & Austrians
d. Museum Featuring Germana, Austrian & Swiss
e. Businesses Offices to rent out
f. German, Austrian, Swiss Doctors & Dentists
g. Travel Agency
h. Passive House
i. Seniors Services
j. Greenhouse & Organic Fruit/Veggie Gardens
k. Farmer’s Market
l. Shooting Club
m. Restaurant & “Soccer Bar” where visitors can watch German German Soccer Games
n. Auditorium with Stage
o. Library and Video Lending Services
p. Immigration Lawyers, Translators, German Business Consulting
q. Small Chapel/Church for those wishing to do Baptisms, Christening, Marriages or Funerals

How would this project start?
Answer: With One Million Dollars to hire:
a. CEO ($100,000)
b. Legal Consultant/Lawyer ($50,000)
c. Communications, PR & Media Consultant ($80,000)
d. Architect to plan model of project ($100,000)
e. Project Manager ($100,000)
f. Swiss Liaison – ($50,000)
g. Austrian Liaison – ($50,000)
h. Accountant (on retainer) ($20,000)
i. Membership Manager ($50,000)
j. Museum & Art Gallery Manager ($100,000)
k. Archives ($50,000)
l. Technical Consultant ($50,000)
m. Two secretaries ($100,000)

This would leave $100,000 over to pay for:
a. Office space
b. Computers
c. Contingency Fund

If you think there are other groups to be considered, or other positions that should be includes in this list, please let me know. This project would be a great way for a number of Germans to contribute to the younger generation and to ensure that the story of “Germans in Canada” will be passed on. Great way to leave a legacy. All donors & sponsors will be acknowledged in our foyer with fireplace – where future Germans, Swiss and Austrians will walk by and see who to be grateful for. Please join us!

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