“We are Germany” Initiative

Tolerance and diversity are integral values of German society. With “We are Germany,” Deutsche Welle (DW) is taking action to defend these values and speak out against social prejudice.

Meike und ElizabethFamous personalities from German society have banded together to support tolerance and diversity for DW’s new photo campaign, “We are Germany.” Each segment will portray two famous faces from German public life.

Participants will include World Cup champion Jérôme Boateng, double Olympic champion Katarina Witt, conductor Daniel Barenboim, comedians Hape Kerkeling and Kaya Yanar as well as violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter. Also participating are journalists representing all of DW’s 30 editorial languages.

The goal of this initiative is to play a proactive role in the current debate on immigration in Europe through applying DW’s strengths in intercultural expertise and international awareness. As a central part of its legal mandate, DW provides the world a comprehensive view of life in Germany while simultaneously promoting intercultural dialogue.

“We want to show the world that there is a positive social climate in Germany for everyone who wishes to live here,” says DW Director General Peter Limbourg. “The diversity of our population presents us with a distinct advantage. Those who have immigrated and now call Germany home only help to enrich the society – whether that be in sports, business or culture.”

As a society, Germany has worked hard to establish a global reputation for tolerance and cosmopolitanism. “Germany has something to lose,” said Limbourg. “Germany is respected as a free society in the heart of Europe and German perspectives are sought after around the globe. We cannot allow a few individuals to divide our society. We must continue to take pride in our diversity and we have show the world what is really important – tolerance and open-mindedness.”

“We are Germany” will be featured primarily on DW’s various social media platforms, relying on its 10 million Facebook fans and Twitter followers as well as its 150 million monthly active users to help spread the word. DW is hopeful that this initiative will help start a global discussion and invites people from around the world to participate by uploading tandem portraits, which will be featured on a special website.

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