What happened with SOS Kinderdorf?

Elke & SonyaThank you so much to the team of people who volunteered at the Christmas Market on behalf of the SOS Kinderdorf this year! If you volunteered and have taken some pictures, please send them to myself or the Executive Director, Douglas Dunn. (who is also a member of the German Canadian Business Association!). Also a big thank you to my contact Marilyn Madden, who is the Director of Corporate and Major Donor Stewardship.

So far, the people that I know helped out at the Information Booth this year were:

1. Sonja Dubois – Austrian Community
2. Peter Giesbrecht – Austrian Community
3. Sonya Marchlewitz – PARC Retirement Living
4. Pastor Manfred Schmidt – and other volunteers from the Martin Luther Church
5. Susan Saint – Surrey German School
6. Christine Spreter von Kreudenstein – Westside German School
7. Elke Porter

I will include three letters from the Executive Director, Douglas Dunn:

First Letter: December 10th, 2015

Hi Team SOS,

Reports are continuing to come in of sightings of our billboard appearances across the lower mainland (over $24,000 in free ads), our Peak of Christmas had over $143,000 of in kind Media coverage helping us reach our highest Gala net profit ever and now…

Here’s a heads up on one of our better 24 hours of media coverage.

Last night we were on the CTV and CBC evening news. This morning started with a five minute interview on Global morning news. Then we found ourselves on the cover of the Vancouver Sun (attached pdf) and on the web.

https://www.vancouversun.com/index.html?__lsa=9d74-621d – Scroll to bottom of page and you’ll see a video box tagged, “Video: Kids decorate gigantic Gingerbread man in Vancouver”

And to make the day perfect I just returned from Lord Tweedsmuir High School where the Interact Club gave up a pizza lunch they had won and instead asked that the money be used to buy gift certificates for SOS Youth in Transition.

Man I love my job! Which is only made so great by the wonderful team we have. Special thanks today to William who’s ongoing media development work is gaining us greater and greater profile, with no budget! J

And a HUGE shout out and thanks to Elke who is managing the SOS presences at the Christmas Market!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Executive Director

Second Letter: December 22nd, 2015

Hi Elke,

SOS KinderdorfFirst. Thank you so much for all your incredibly hard work. You made this huge event work for us, the profile we know is having impact as many people have mentioned seeing SOS at the Market.

I really appreciate the feedback and we will endeavour to enact your suggestions next year.

Again thank you for all your hard work. It has made a positive impact on our level of public awareness, and I’m sure your fundraising efforts are going to prove to be well worth the efforts.

Have a very Happy Holiday season!

SOS Children’s Village BC

Third Letter: December 23rd, 2015

Hi Elke,

NO worries and a HUGE THANK YOU for all your efforts on this project. I’m going to go right now to the Facebook pages to check out the photos. Please if you still have them on your computer send them along to William and myself (with notations of the names of the volunteers) as we would love to also acknowledge and thank them.

Thank you again from being an SOS Christmas Elf and for making us front and centre at this unique promotional opportunity for us. It really is appreciated.

Warmest regards,

SOS Children’s Village BC

We also give a strong SHOUT OUT to Malte Kluetze, for being so kind as to offer space and support in the Information Booth at the Vancouver Christmas Market! Thank you so much for allowing us volunteers to do our jobs, for lending us jackets, for looking after the money and for all the help you gave us. Also, for allowing Ferroro Rochere to be situated next to us on our first day there!

I picked up the donation box on Tuesday, the 22nd, 2015 and carried the heavy item home, while riding on the skytrain and then the bus. It sure gave me a workout!

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