What I learned about the German Community from Facebook

According to my Facebook Page: Germans in Vancouver

As page manager, I am constantly trying to share relevant, interesting stories with my subscribers. Then, I can see how many people it reaches, who liked it and who shared it. It constantly fascinates me, which articles or topics get popular, and which ones don’t. It is a great way to learn more about the German Community here in Vancouver.

I have learned that the most popular items seem to be:
a. German bread
b. German Beer
c. German restaurants

BratwurstIn other words, food and drink!

Ok, that takes care of the top 3 most popular post topics. I guess the best way to the German Communities heart is through their tummies!

The only other popular post on my page was: “How to Parent Like a German.”

Now, other post that are popular are German-related events with topics, such as passive house, music, German holidays (Fasching, St. Martins Festival, Nikolausfest etc.), festivals, German cars, soccer, FIFA, Olympics, German language learning etc. Politics don’t seem that popular, which makes sense as when you live here, what happens in Germany isn’t as relevant and some people are still in the position where they can’t vote here yet anyways.

Finally, job postings are popular. Among students, travellers, work & travel visa holders. newcomers, immigrants, ex-pats and spouses of someone who is now working here in the consulate or as a professor at UBC etc.

People are always asking me how to either reach the German Community or how to sell to the German Community, and my advice would be to offer German food and drink, especially if you can get a hold of something that is not readily available in Vancouver or British Columbia. Or, you might want to offer a German related event, such as a festival, a puppet show, a concert or holiday celebration that brings the community together. Finally, you could offer useful information for job seekers and students.

At least that is what my Facebook Statistics seem to say!

Questions for readers:
a. What do you like to read about on Facebook or on blogs?
b. Are you trying to sell or promote your product/service to the German Community?
c. What are some posts you do not want to see on social media?

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