What’s New?

Next Edition of Westcoast German News

First of all, I am excited to present to everyone my new logo. Yes, one day I hope to have a graphic designer of the highest caliber come up with something, but in the meantime, I suddenly went to Photoshop and created something that will tide me over until then:

WGN Logo 2015

Then, I am making this issue an “Oktoberfest Special” with a deadline of September 10th. Any images send to me, must be 300 dpi (at least) and in the .pdf format. I will also accept articles, press releases, online interviews and other accouncements.

Monster Accordion with Richard

Finally, if you would like to place an ad (keeping in mind it needs to be family-friendly and G-rated), the rate for all ads up to 1/2 page is $55 this time around. Soon, as subscribers increase, I will be asking for more money, but for now I am going with “one fee fits all”.

I also offer ads on my website for $5 a month or $60 a year.

This magazine reaches my audience online from Canada, US, Germany, Austria, Switzerland. Then I have the Facebook Pages: “Germans in Vancouver” and “Westcoast German News”. Finally, I have this blog and my digital magazine, both running under the name of “Westcoast German News.”

My goal is to find:
1. Contributors
2. Sponsors
3. Advertisers
4. Subscribers

Sponsors donating $100+ will get a shout out, a blog post, a free ad and the ability to publish an event/picture.

Looking forward to getting to know you!

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