WordPress Decisions for Beginners

www.dreamhost.com Home PageWhat exactly do you need to start your very own WordPress Blog or WordPress Website? The first thing you need to know is you will have some choices to make and each of your choices will lead to more choices. Before you can make a wise decision, you will need to have the answers to some basic questions both of where you are now and where you would like to be in five years.

Now, since you are reading this, I can only assume you own your own business or manage a charity and need a website with regularly updated content. You have chosen WordPress, since you have most likely heard how it is one of the easiest content management systems to manage and you can start using it for free, or at least a very low amount.

I am also going to assume that your business is somewhat related to Europe – Austria, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland – or you are from there and are attempting to set up something in western Canada or US, since you are reading this on the Westcoast German News Blog.

Ask yourself:


  1. Am I on a shoestring do it yourself budget?
  2. Do I have at least $500+ a month to spend on marketing activities?
  3. Do you have $2000+ a month to spend on marketing activities?

Domain Name

  1. Can I easily get the domain name I want?
  2. Can I get a fairly close domain name that I want?
  3. There is a lot of competition for the name that I have chosen.

Web Host

  1. I would like a WordPress friendly web host
  2. I would like someone with fantastic customer service
  3. I would like a host with great back ups and reminders


  1. I would like to use a free/default theme
  2. I would like to use a professional theme
  3. I would like a custom-built website

Two types of WordPress

  1. WordPress.org – you find a host, perform backups, install themes/plug-ins
  2. WordPress.com – hosting, security and backups are included, you must register

Search Engine Optimization

  1. I would like to handle this myself
  2. I would like to hire a company to do this
  3. I have no idea what this even means

Look and Feel

  1. I am going to hire someone to design my logo
  2. I am going to come up with my own logo
  3. I am going to use a generic template


  1. I have a digital camera and will take my own pictures
  2. I am planning to hire someone to do this for me.
  3. I am going to use stock images and free images found online


  1. I am going to write my own blog
  2. I am going to hire someone to write my blog
  3. I am going to use free content found online


  1. Polylang Plugin
  2. Language Switcher Widget
  3. Google Language Translator Plugin


  1. I am going to use social media to share my blog posts
  2. I am going to use YouTube and make videos
  3. I am going to get media attention and make a press room


  1. I plan to use a plugin to sell products on my website
  2. I am going to use an e-commerce platform
  3. I am going to use something like Shopify to sell

Social Media

  1. Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  2. YouTube, Vimeo
  3. Other blogs

Hosting Once Successful (within the next 5 years)

  1. Pro Web Hosting
  2. VPS Hosting
  3. Dedicated Hosting

Once you have made the right decision for you in all of the above categories, then you are ready to take on the next steps. As an example, let us say you are on a shoestring budget and yet still have enough technical knowledge to build your own wordpress site and are now looking for a wordpress-friendly host. I have had an opportunity try a few different hosts and my favourite, so far, is dreamhost. Dreamhost is also connected to themeforest, which allows me to choose a premium theme and buy it right there.

If you running a non-profit or charity and would like to get some great freebies, you can try using bluehost:

Bluehost.com Web Hosting $3.95

Finally, another good web host is hostmonster, which also comes with some good training videos that will really help you understand what is going on:

Host Unlimited Domains on 1 Account

If you need help with reputation management and/or Public Relations & Communications at a professional level, consider these guys:

Curve Digital Service

I am just so excited about the above-mentioned hosts that I have decided to partner with them in affiliate marketing and as a disclaimer need to mention that if you should click on the above link and decide to host your website with them, that I will financially benefit, too. Win, Win, Win all around!

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