You’ll love the Way You Can Replace All of Your Supplements!

Sandra holding her bookVancouver, October 1st, 2015 – The good news is that aloe vera can replace the almost 18,000 different health supplement that have flooded grocery & drug stores in North America recently.  The bad news is that drinking pure aloe vera gel takes some getting used to.  But when you learn about the 15 major health issues that can this miracle plant can solve, you might decide to run out and try it.

Certified trainer & lifestyle Coach Sandra Rechsteiner has written a book “Your Natural Health Beauty and Wellness Guide” that will show you how to successfully incorporate this miracle plant in your life at her October 19th Book Launch at TenTen Tapas at 5:30 pm.

For just $25, guests by invitation only will participate in a selfie-contest, sign a video guestbook, and receive a free copy of the book, complimentary drinks & appetizers, as well as a gift bag full of surprises. Members of the media will receive a free pass just for attending. Rechsteiner will also read from her book and be available to show you how to stay vital, fit, healthy, beautiful & happy.

Rechsteiner founded the company “Accomplish Now” in 2012 and offers a mix of health and business coaching. She is a “cancer crusher” and has a “Never give up.” attitude that helps her move towards her goal of being a healthy millionaire, as well as showing others how to follow in the same path with sheer energy & enthusiasm.

Sandra is such an amazing, energetic and positive person, who empowers me every time. She always believes in me and more importantly, made me believe in myself for the first time in my life. says Lindsay Y., a client of Accomplish Now.

Accomplish Now is a global leader in holistic health. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to help you shape up, lose weight, feel great and be the person that you always wanted to be. Swiss-born Sandra Rechsteiner is not only a coach and personal trainer, but also mentors people to find their purpose and passion to succeed in business and in life. Because of high demand of her book, Rechsteiner will also be launching a German translation in Europe in November.

Her next book will focus on her own truly inspirational story: the mindset that allowed her to survive cancer and reach for her big goals now. You can learn more at Rechsteiner’s book is available on Amazon & Kindle.

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